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Show or Hide Culture & HistoryCulture & History
Art museums and places that display/sell art that is rich in history

Places that define us and give visitors a sense of time and place

Site offers interpretation, educational information

Location of sites that have importance in or influence on the local history of the area - important, unusual, or interesting sites

Trails motorized or non which provide access and or interpretation of history and or historic sites

Location that can be visited or viewed that presents an aspect of the region's industrial heritage

Location of a lighthouse, a tower or other structure displaying a very bright light for the guidance of ships

Tells the story of ongoing maritime activities on the great lakes

Tells the story of past maritime activities on the great lakes

Historic museums related to the history or culture of the area - maritime, logging, historic, etc

Areas that are important to Native American History - location of publically shared Native American sites

Location of accessible remains of a wrecked ship

Trails that lead to Shipwrecks
Places where you can go watch artists work

Celebrations of a unique aspect of the local community

Venues for musical and theatrical performances

Places to view or partake in the gathering of the North American Natives where they honor their people

Demonstrations of traditions, reinactments, etc.

Guided tours of this location are offered

Signs, brochures or recordings help visitors understand this location

Tours that offer people a chance to see the proud boats which sailed the Great Lakes before the turn of the century

Places where aircraft takeoff and landings can be safely viewed

Places where the passing of Great Lakes shipping can be easily viewed
Show or Hide Eat, Shop and SleepEat, Shop and Sleep
A place to obtain automobile maintenance, repair, parking or rental services.

Facilities for meetings, receptions, banquets and other large gatherings

A place to obtain boat maintenance, repair or docking services.

A place to camp in tents or RVs

Police and fire department locations.

A place to acquire food

Outfitters who offer equipment rentals and or guided recreational services

Places to get medical attention or prescription drugs

Bridges and Ferrys to take you between the U.S. and Canada

A place that offers services, such as recreation, dining or spa services, in addition to accomodations

A place to purchase goods or services

A place to sleep and rest

A place which offers transportation services such as bike shop, airport, auto service

Places to introduce or inform visitors about regional opportunities

A place dedicated to religious practice.
An area used for setting up a tent or or parking a vehicle temporarily that offer services such as electrical hookups, restrooms and showers

An area where a group of people or an individual is lodged in a tent or tents or other temporary means of shelter

Places to acquire prepared food either to take out or as self-service

Places to enjoy prepared food with table service

Places that can offer walk-in health care services

Places that can provice a full range of medical care

Places that can fill prescriptions and offer over-the-counter medicines

Places that can offer the services of a doctor

Places where antiques can be viewed and purchased

Places where arts and crafts can be viewed and purchased

Places that offer a small number of a wide variety of goods for sale

Places that offer locally branded or unique goods

Places to acquire food to prepare elsewhere

Places that offer goods such as tools, electronics and office supplies

Places that offer goods and services for backcountry travel

Places that offer goods such as clothing and textiles

Places to sleep which provide bed and breakfast terms

Places to sleep which offer services in addition to room and board

Places to sleep which provide a room

Offers access to transportation such as ferry companies, bus depots, airports, etc.
Show or Hide Nature & AgricultureNature & Agriculture
Place to engage in agricultural tourism such as farm markets, petting zoos, hay rides, U-pick, tree farms

Location of accessible sand dunes, rocks, sinkholes, and other naturally occuring formations

Known location to view recurring migration

An area of public land which has been preserved in a natural state

Accessible areas where there is a natural flow of ground water

An area that offers an especially interesting or beautiful view

A large tract of public land covered with trees and underbrush

Places that that provide protection for species from hunting, predation or competition

Public plac where wildlife can be viewed on a regular basis
Places that offer a corn maze or similar agricultural experience

Places that offer horse-drawn vehicle rides

Places where you can pick fruits or vegetables

Places that offer the visitor a chance to make and bottle their own wine
Show or Hide Regional RecreationRegional Recreation
Site that offers mini-golf, go-karts, bumper boats, batting cages, ferris wheels

All golf related activities including golf courses, mini-golf and driving ranges

A trail where off road vehicles are permitted

An area of land, usually in a largely natural state, for the enjoyment of the public, usually having facilities for rest and recreation

Outdoor or indoor facilities for sports and other recreational activities

A place that offers guided interpretation of an area or location

Accessible hiking, biking, skiing, birding or nature trails.
Places where you can rent and ride small vehicles, usually on a closed track

Places that offer environments for laser tag or paintball games

Places that offer access to domesticated animals

All golf related activities including golf courses, mini-golf and driving ranges

Riding of all terrain vehicles is permissable in this area or trail

A diamond is available to play baseball or softball.

A court and one or more hoops are provided to play basketball.

Areas known for species of birds or migratory places for birds

Special sites or places that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth

Places where the search for and gathering of fossils or other minerals is permitted

Areas good for an outdoor treasure-hunting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers

Accessible trails to hike through natural areas

Pits and horseshoes are provided to play this game.

Publicly accessible places that allow hunting in season

Play equipment is provided for children.

Access to water is provided where the operation of radio controlled model boats is encouraged.

Places with suitable terrain that allow sledding

A field is available on which soccer may be played.

Courts are provided for tennis or similar games.

Areas known for an abundance of animals or areas prone to certain species of animal

Places that offer equipment and facilities for bowling

Trips that people can take through a place - usually in a sequence of one point to another

Accessible paved/unpaved trails to road/mountain bike and which are adjacent to or within natural areas

Accessible cross country trails - place where one can glide on skis for a long period of time

Places that offer horseback riding or the location of places that people can bring their horses to ride

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